Jay aka Drama

Internationally known Dj Drama Diablo, while still a huge icon in the music industry, has finally decided to lay down some roots and return to one of his first passions, art.

Owner and CEO of Heart 2 Hand Tattoos in Uxbridge Ontario, Jay's amazing talent and his love for custom design tattooing is what makes him an award winning artist.  Jay specializes in all styles; rocks black & gray & it's no secret he loves bringing tattoos to life with vivid colour. His outgoing, enthusiastic personality is what gives him the drive to deliver 1000% on each piece he creates.


Jonny March

Here's Jonny...

Jon is a natural born artist who has been winning awards in art since he was 5. His unique talent gives him the ability to custom design every tattoo he creates. With 20+ years experience in the industry he has a huge range in diversity and style. Specializing in Black Work & Full Colour Customized designs, Portraits & Realism. 


Kevin Maillet

Junior Artist, former apprentice to Drama, Kevin has excelled due to his natural artistic talents, passion for the tattoo industry, dedication to learning and attention to details.  


Gentle Josh

Josh has a passion for art and client satisfaction. With 8 years of experience Josh has developed a wide variety & love of many styles. He expresses himself through colour, but also loves tattooing dark as well as black & grey. He has a special talent with anime and pop culture designs. 

All tattoos whether big or small, simple or eccentric are special & designed with the importance they require for the client receiving them. Bold will hold is his lifestyle.